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Senate unanimously approves law convening Assembly to permit the re-nomination of Danilo

SANTO DOMINGO. The Senate of the Republic approved, in a second reading, the legislative proposal that convenes the National Review Assembly for the modification of the Constitution and will permit the re-nomination of President Danilo Medina. The proposal passed with a unanimous vote and with the presence of the 32 Senators that compose the Upper Chamber.

The voting reveals an agreement between the principle leaders of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), President Medina and former President Leonel Fernandez, who kept the party in a virtual split over the election of the presidential candidate for the 2016-2020 period. The agreement which was signed yesterday afternoon by members of the Political Committee and the two leaders repairs for the next electoral tournament the differences between the two sectors.

With the approval, surpassing the ordinary majority vote needed, the legislative proposal will be sent to the Chamber of Deputies in order to be heard by that body. If it obtains sufficient votes the National Review Assembly will be convened 15 days after its publication. In the assembly it will need a two thirds vote of the assembly, the deputies and the senators.

The meeting of the full Senate began at 10:16 a.m. with rumors of an agreement dominating the environment. The progress of the session showed the existence of the agreement on the pact. Already before the vote in favor of the proposal, a correction was presented which was approved unanimously. Senator Reinaldo Pared Perez made the proposal that they change the concept of the proposal from “National Assembly” to “National Review Assembly”. He justified that the former term was very open.

The favorable vote of this correction calmed the uncertainty created by the cancellation of a press conference by Pared Perez himself which was programmed before the session. At 9:50 4 AM the Senator for the National District and chairman of the special commission created for the project announced: “what I have to say I will say during the session,” and nothing more.

With the agreement, the passage by the Senate was a done deed. Pared Perez declared during one of three prior turns to the acceptance of the proposal, that “the PLD is stockpiling the Democratic regime in its decision-making (of today.” He argued that regarding the Senators, “good judgment to go over after on 19 April of this year the Political Committee took the decision which brought diversions and opposing criteria. But I have never doubted that the 29 comrade Senators that are members of the Central Committee, would always come together, thinking on the decision and the discipline of party unity. And I knew that this moment was going to arrive and they were going to accept the decision of the PLD,” said Reinaldo.

The other two turns were used by the spokesman of The Structure Liberal Party, Amable Aristy Castro, who expressed his thoughts and by the Senator from Santiago, Julio Cesar Valentin who delivered in writing his opinion on this issue.

Once the voting began the voice of Luis Ramirez was heard who calculated the votes starting at number 4 and on up to 32. The first four votes where the members of the Senate leadership including the President, Cristina Lizardo; number 27 was the Senator from the province of San Juan de la Maguana, Felix Bautista, who kept his hand raised very discreetly; and number 32 32 was Pared Perez. Others who had previously been fervently opposed to the proposal such as the Senator for Dajabon, Sonia Mateo, and the Senator for the province of Sanchez Ramirez, Aristides Victoria Yeb, voted without any embarrassment and raised their hands.

The reform

The law that was approved is intended to permit the President of the Republic to be able to opt for a second and unique consecutive constitutional term of office, not being able to be nominated ever again to the same position. And it establishes a transitional article which says that in the eventual case that the current President of the Republic, corresponding to the term of office 2012 – 2016, is the presidential candidate for the 2016 – 2020 period, he will not be able to present himself for the following period or for any other.

The Senators approved in the second reading the legislative proposal by which they modified several articles of Law Num. 287 – 04, regarding the prevention, suppression and limitation of obnoxious noise which is produced by noise contamination; the initiative by which they declare 25 May of each year the National Day of the Dominican Hawk; and the proposal that institutes the last Saturday of the month of November of each year as National Merengue Day.

Amable: they redeemed Balaguer

The Senator for the province of La Altagracia, Amable Aristy Castro said during his intervention: “As coherent as I have been by my training, today I’m going to demonstrate once again what I have always believed and that I believe in reelection. I am coherent, I come from a party that believes in reelection, because of this today I am going to demonstrate once again that I’m going to raise my two hands. And I will tell you as Reinaldo Pared said regarding his leader and guide, Juan Bausch. I am going to speak about my leader and guide. I know that the day is going to feel proud because today they are vindicating my leader, my guide and my professor.”

Source: DiarioLibre

May 29, 2015

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  1. Samson

    Very sensible, it always pays to listen to the people.
    The World is fed up with corruption. There has been a political backlash in Spain where the government has taken a massive fall.

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