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Semana Santa in Sosúa

Friday night it was quiet in Sosúa, both on the beach and in the bars, because on Good Friday it is not allowed to play any music. But Saturday afternoon, the beach was packed. All the streets surrounding the beach were full of buses that had transported the holidaymakers from Santo Domingo, Santiago and La Vega to Sosúa. All the rooms were occupied for 100%. Even more than 100% actually, because in many rooms there were extra beds placed to cope with the many Semana Santa holidaymakers. On the beach they had set up a dozen tents where visitors spent the night. Most visitors brought coolers with food and drinks.
The beach bars where fish was sold, fortunately did good business. Mannis Bar, Scandinavian Beach Bar & Restaurant and Tropical Bar did fairly good business. The beach bars where foreign tourists usually go to were less fortunate, as not many visited them. It was a holiday for the Dominicans. On the beach a volleyball competition was held. There were several teams from Charamicos, Santiago and Santo Domingo who competed for the Sasino trophy. Aqua Sasino, water producer from Sosúa organized this competition, now for the fifth year. They called it the ‘V Copa Sasino Volleyball’. Who won the competition was not clear.
There was a lot of attention from the government for the safety of all visitors. At the entrance of Charamicos and at the traffic lights in Sosúa Abajo, dozens of motorcycles were seized by the traffic police. The drivers drove without a safety helmet or transporting too many passengers. At the entrances of the beach the national police searched every visitor for banned weapons and glassware. On the beach all drinks were served in plastic cups. Glassware was forbidden and was strictly controlled. In the evening it was very busy at the Rumb Bar and at Rancho Tipico Bar. The next day, on Sunday it was much less crowded on the beach of Sosúa. The tents were taken down and the buses full of visitors went back home again in the afternoon. It was a great party without troubles on the beach, thanks to the efforts of many volunteers from the Civil Guard, the extra police and soldiers.

Source: Sosua News

April 7, 2015

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