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Secret agents in Sosua are watching over your stuff

Like in all places of the world visited by many tourists, Sosúa is also occasionally frequented by pickpocketers. Although pickpocketer is usually a seductive lady that welcomes an unsuspecting tourist with a hug and then also unwittingly makes a grab for his belongings. The best advice is not to let yourself embraced by an unknown lady. However, the tourist police (CESTUR) is guarding our stuff and taking firm action against such ladies. Cestur has undercover agents on the streets at daytime and in the evening patrolling unrecognizable among people. Félix Hidalgo is one of such incognito agents  and has caught many pickpocketers in the act. After arrest a mobile phone, or a wallet will be given back to the tourist. Regarding the wallet, in most cases the money is missing.

According to Félix, the pickpocketer got time hand the money over to a partner in crime. But the tourist is always pleased to get his bank cards, mobile phone, or watch back. The secret agent is watching over your valuable belongings.

Source: Sosua News

Dec 23, 2015

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