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Review: Semana Santa on Cabarete beach

On the beach of Cabarete they also celebrated Semana Santa. Here too, like in Sosúa, all hotels were fully booked until the last bed. Because there is a shortage of parking spaces in Cabarete, many visitors parked their cars a nearby village. They then used a taxi to get to the beach or hotel. The entire beach was packed with enthusiastic revelers. In many places stages had been set up where artists gave a performance. The younger audience liked it a lot because many of the performing artists were reggaeton singers. The older audience, more interested in bachata, merengue and salsa, therefore they were less fortunate.

The performances of these artists were sponsored by 911, Orange, Brugal, Presidente etc. These sponsors also handed out all kinds of gifts (small presents) to the public, which was accepted gratefully. Furthermore, there were several sports competitions, such as volleyball and soccer, and sports demonstrations. Especially Saturday night it was very cozy on the beach with all those beautifully decorated and lit up restaurants. Also on the beach of Cabarete the police was present in large numbers to ensure the safety of the guests. Fortunately, besides a few traffic accidents, there was no serious incident to report.

Source: Sosua News

April 9, 2015

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