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Renewal of sidewalks in Sosua progresses

From Tuesday, June 11th streets of Charamicos have been blocked due to the reconstruction of the sidewalks. The reconstruction is necessary, because many sidewalks are hardly accessible to the pedestrian. Holes and deep potholes, loose cables, manhole pits without covers make walking dangerous for the pedestrians, especially at night time.
It is not only the sidewalks being renewed, but also large sections of the road are also being renewed. All these activities make many streets inaccessible to traffic. However, these improvements are very welcomed, in spite of that for now entrepreneurs complain about loss of revenue. Their business or stores are hardly accessible for the public for several days to weeks. Especially retailers in the calle José Eugenio feel let down and hope for a damage compensation of their mayor Ilana Neumann.

Source: Sosua News

July 6, 2015

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