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Rare butterfly sighted in Bahoruco

An expedition organized by the Grupo Jaragua conservation scientists has spotted thousands of tropical rain forest butterflies of the rare species, Anetia briarea, atop pine trees at the around 2,300 meter level of the Loma del Toro mountain in the Bahoruco mountain range. Scientist Yolanda Leon reported that the expedition took place on 13 March 2015 and that the butterflies are of the Lesser False Fritillary species in the Danainae subfamily that is found in Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Leon highlighted the importance of the Jaragua-Bahoruco-Enriquillo Biosphere Reserve where the largest biodiversity in the island is located, including a large number of endemic flora and fauna species.

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

April 6, 2015

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