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Puerto Plata taxi drivers is a mafia that abuses cruise passengers

PUERTO PLATA The prominent journalist Danny Alcantara reported Monday morning that in Puerto Plata, a group of taxi drivers relying on the consent of the authorities act as a mafia servicing thousands of cruise passengers who are coming to this region in the last two months.

Alcantara made his complaint on the television program “today,” which is broadcasted Monday through Friday Color Vision Channel 9. The commentators asked the authorities of the Ministry of Tourism disassemble the mafia or otherwise there will be attacks again against Puerto Plata destination after nearly two decades of decline experienced in this region.
According to the statement by Alcantara, the taxi drivers in addition to transportation service for cruise passengers also act as tour guides and for that reason allegedly charge $ 70 to transport from the cruise terminal Amber Cove Maimon to the city center. Ironically, tourists have to pay again to return to the dock of the Carnival Corporation company.

He also said that these data are checked personally and the Ministry of Tourism called for a thorough and urgent investigation to prevent the abuse by taxi drivers, again not to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs available in Puerto Plata.
Also Danny Alcantara said there is another mode of operation of the alleged mafia. They  charge cruise passengers at shops and restaurants 30-40% more when they visit  retail outlets in the city, as they are run by some relatives or related toa senior official of the Ministry of Tourism whose name is not revealed.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

Nov 23, 2015

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  1. Alexa

    that could have been forcasted.
    But that happens everywhere in Latin America. In Chile has asked me a taxidriver for US 25,- for a ride of 10 min. I shouted in Spanish and scared him.Finally it was USD 6,- for 3 persons incl.return

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