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Puerto Plata celebrate the 176th anniversary of the national hero General Gregorio Luperon

PUERTO PLATA From the early hours of the morning, Tuesday, September 8, the authorities of Puerto Plata as well as hundreds of students from different public and private educational institutions participated in the commemoration of the 176th anniversary of the birth of General Gregorio Luperon, the hero of the Restoration of the Republic.
Activities started exactly at 8:00 am at the foot of the statue of General Luperon in Independence Square where the band of the Air Base of Puerto Plata played the national anthem, two soldiers hoisted the tricolor flag while Northern Commander Aéreo Norte; colonel  Elvis Luis Otáñez Santos read the agenda for the occasion by the Minister of Defense; Lieutenant General Máximo Williams Muñoz Delgado.
After depositing wreaths at the statue of the hero, officials accompanied the President of the Standing Committee Ephemeris Patrias; Juan Daniel Balcácer, went to san cathedral Philip the Apostle where the priest Santiago Rodriguez celebrated a special mass to mark the birthday 176 of General Gregorio Luperon, which he defined as a figurehead for Dominicans as his courage and bravery in Creole patriots was able to restore sovereignty to our country.
After church service, a colorful civic-military parade led by the cavalry squadron thoroughbred Dominican Republic Army led by Colonel Kalil Hache, a platoon of soldiers from the air base that commands the Puerto Plata Pilot General Richard Vasquez Jimenez, a group of police officers, as well as numerous students and bearers of all schools in the municipality of Puerto Plata who toured the streets Separación, Beller, José Ramón López y la calle 12 de Julio.
Arriving in front of the General Gregorio Luperon Museum a military bugle again ran the taps for a platoon of soldiers from the Dominican Republic Air Force undertake military honors General Gregorio Luperon division who by his genius, intelligence and was only 26 years old joined the Dominican patriots in the War of Restoration against Spain.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

Sep 8, 2015

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