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Protest: Day without bread to fight rising flour prices

About 80 percent of Dominicans participated in a national demonstration called “A Day Without Bread” (Un Día Sin Pan). They were protesting against the significant rise in flour and bread prices.

Starting on April 6, people will have to pay 40 percent more for “pan de agua,” the most-consumed bread in the Dominican daily diet.

Salvador Polanco said that the boycott had “to send a message to manufacturing sectors so that they think twice before raising prices.” Polanco is the spokesman of the 12 organizations that initiated the massive event. Flour and bread producers and distributors replied that they were not affected by the symbolic “Day Without Bread.”

“We didn’t notice the day without bread,” one man said. He added that he and his partners were convinced that the protests suit them because they sell bread faster than usual on the days that fall before and after. This will most likely be the case until April 6.

Protesters were disappointed that their actions had little to no effect and announced that their goal for the next protest is for it to be longer. They also hope that it will include 100 percent of the consumer population.

Source: Pangea today

March 26, 2015

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