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Prosecutors and former Dican chief reject accusation of theft to get the drugs

SANTO DOMINGO. The prosecutors of the province of Santo Domingo, Maximo Antonio Diaz Ogando and Ramon Augusto Veras Castro, as well as the former head of the Central Anti-narcotics Directorate of the Police (Dican), Colonel Carlos Fernandez Valerio, rejected the accusations of taking 950 kg of cocaine, in order to divide them up, and then sell them on the local market.

Regarding the accusations, the judge of Special Instruction of the Penal Chamber of the Court of Appeals of the province of Santo Domingo, Wendy Martinez Mejia, ordered one year of preventive custody against these men and another 7 involved in the case of Dican.

Prosecutor Diaz Ogando expressed his opinion regarding how the Justice Department establishes the amount of 950 kg of drugs, “but nobody has established that they even weighed the substance.”

“Another point, which has to do with the type of substance, is that there is no certification from Inacif that this substance was cocaine, heroin or marijuana, so that there is a contradiction in the facts as stated.”

He feels there is no basis for the accusation which was filed against them.

He accuses the investigators of committing alleged violations. “I presented myself to the Attorney General of the Republic, personally, regarding some alleged drugs that were lost. I was receive there with an arrest warrant. There, not only to me, but to 25 other persons, they were waiting with the same attitude to arrest them and embarrass them.”

It is his understanding that the Justice Department does not want justice, but wants to disturb the peace of the persons. He complains that after being handcuffed without any need, they took him to a room, together with his co-worker Veras Castro as if they were common criminals.

“The arrest warrant presented is illegal, the big thing of all of this is the show that they have put on in order to affect persons who work in the same institution which they are in, as if we were international the criminals and that we were not locatable.”

According to the suspended prosecutor, the court was “surprised” with a request for an arrest and search warrant for the company called “Cajas de Seguridad” (Security Boxes), located in the Kennedy commercial Plaza, where they found documents that they alleged belonged to a cousin of his who is a Colonel.

“The request for coercive measures presents a tale of the incidents and it is not supported by witnesses that they are providing. Those witnesses are investigators and none of them were at the site of the incidents.”

He said that the prosecutor Leonidas Suero had nothing to do with the case, but that the search warrant was signed by him, after receiving information that in that place that they searched they were trafficking drugs.

“They alleged falsification, nevertheless, I signed with by ordinary signature. We never said that the DNCD with those that acted with us. Magistrates, this is a lie, I’ve never wanted to harm my companions. One always writes an act for one and we give one to other persons, as proof of what was carried out, and that nothing incriminating was found.”

The other prosecutor

Veras Castro said that he was searching, but when he reached the place, Diaz had an act in his hand.

“I was in the house for 10 minutes, and then I left, because nothing was found.”

He alleges that he has no assets, no money, no houses, and he lives in a rented place.

Colonel Valerio

The former chief of Dican, Carlos Fernandez Valerio, regrets that his name has been subjected to so many things these last few days.

“I’m only going to ask God for the patience of job, the wisdom of Solomon and the strength of Joshua in order to defend myself in this case.”

He rejected the things that have been attributed to him, such as the purchase of apartments, vehicles, and that he supposedly went around with “mega-divas”, injuring with these allegations not only persons close to him but also his wife and children.

“They have to walk with their heads down because of the persecution in the press and the repressive looks of everyone.”

He alleges that the visit to his house by Lieutenant Colonel Felix Humberto Paulino Lopez was in order to inform him of the existence of a gang that distributed drugs wrapped in the form of eggs that they reproduced in a machine.

“None of the evidence of the Justice Department has been occupied from me, I have not delivered, nor have they taken, nor are they going to take anything, after 5 months of investigation.”

He asked how it was possible that they destroy a person in the manner that they have done with him.

In prison

The men in preventive custody, to be served in La Victoria and Najayo, are Maximo Antonio Diaz Ogando, Ramon Augusto Veras Castro, Carlos Fernandez Valerio, Felix Humberto Paulino Lopez, Luciano Gomez Cabrera, Barbaro Torres Beltran, Agapito Muñoz Evangelista, Raideris Lironly Garcia Miranda, Antolin del los Santos Zabala, and Pedro Almanza Gonzalez.

Source: DiarioLibre

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