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President Medina swears it’s his last term

As he accepted his party’s presidential nomination for the 2016 election in a ceremony held yesterday, Sunday August 30 2015, President Danilo Medina swore that it would be his last candidacy. Medina was also granted extraordinary powers to make deals and alliances with other political organizations.

The ceremony took place at an assembly of around 2,000 party delegates at the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center Volleyball Pavilion in Santo Domingo. Medina was sworn in by former President Leonel Fernandez, who had been the strongest contender for the PLD nomination prior to the change of the 2010 Constitution.

Medina’s nomination was made possible after the PLD struck a series of deals with PRSC and PRD legislators in return for the votes needed to push through a Constitutional amendment that allows one-off consecutive re-election. Independent polls had shown that the only PLD candidate strong enough to win the election in a first round was Medina.

Medina said on Sunday that he was committed to not running again so that he would not be an obstacle to the party members who aspired to the nomination and declined in favor of his candidacy, which he appreciated.

The event was organized by the PLD National Electoral Commission chaired by Lidio Cadet. Other members are Alejandrina German, Danilo Diaz, Felix Bautista, Lupe Nunez, Armando Garcia, Ramon (Monchy) Rodriguez, Jose Izquierdo and Carlos Pared Perez.

Commenting on PLD party unity in his editorial today, Monday 31 August 2015, Diario Libre executive editor Adriano Miguel Tejada states: “These events have not surprised anyone because the PLD is no longer a political party in the strict sense, but instead has become an economic corporation that has the duty of protecting its officials, many of whom could be sent to jail in the event of a political change.”

Source: DR1, Elcaribe

Sep 1, 2015

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