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President Medina speaks to the country tonight

SANTO DOMINGO. In what will be his second speech to the country outside of the scenarios of the National Congress and the election campaign, President Danilo Medina will address today a message to the Dominican population. Because the content of the speech is unknown it has generated expectations among sectors of the nation.

The speech will be given at 9:00 p.m., over a network of television channels, radio stations and other electronic media, according to information offered by the Presidency of the Republic.

The expectations of the population concern the fact that the principle issue which the President should deal with is that of the presidential reelection, because, in spite of the reform and the fact that they made agreements in order to reestablish the reelection, Medina has not said whether he will once again seek a new term of office.

Another issue that the people want to know about in the voice of the President is concerning immigration, with the expiration today of the National Plan of Normalization of Foreigners and the beginning of the repatriations of undocumented foreigners.

Nevertheless, the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ramon Peralta, one of the closest officials to Medina, said yesterday that “circumstances” to speak to the country and practically discarded the issue of the Plan.

“Regarding all those speeches and there should be a message, it is above all the country, the people who are waiting for a message from their president and it should be within the framework of a formal address to the nation.”

Although he did not wish to say whether the Chief of’ State would speak regarding his possible reelection, he said that the circumstances have created the obligation to address the nation.

The first speech by President Danilo Medina from the Presidential Palace was at the end of November 2012 when he spoke to the country regarding the first 100 days of his administration.

In his speech he began by saying: “A democratic government should have, as a practice, an open dialogue with society. I want to transform this practice into a healthy routine between this President and each one of you.”

.Peralta guarantees good use of state resources

José Ramon Peralta, on the eve of the presidential speech, guaranteed that the Government would not spend even one cent more than the resources contemplated in the budget.

“This government has demonstrated from the first day that it acts with discipline, that the fiscal discipline is sacred for this administration, so you can be sure, both international agencies as well as the economic agents in the Dominican Republic, that this Government, as never before, will maintain fiscal discipline.”

He indicated that the authorities are very cautious with macro – economic stability, because it is what provides a good investment climate for private investment, which is what is generating the jobs in this country, which is most important for this government.

The Administrative Minister of the Presidency reacted to the criticisms from diverse sectors that a possible reelection of the President would imply the use of resources of the state.

Analysts fear that if this is so, it will affect the macro – economic stability.

Source: DiarioLibre

June 17, 2015

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