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Poll shows rising cost of living is top problem

The 24-27 January 2015 Gallup poll for Hoy newspaper reveals that the economic boom is not trickling down. 1,200 Dominicans eligible to vote were interviewed.

66% of those polled said that their personal economic situation was not good, and only 12% said things were good for them.

When Dominicans were asked to describe the current economic conditions, 21.4% said it is very good, 44.3 said it is good, 22.3 said it is bad and 11.2% said it is very bad.

But when asked about their own economic situation, 11.3% said it was very good, 40.3% said it was good, 31.3% said it was bad and 17% said it was very bad.

When asked if the Dominican Republic was heading in the right or wrong direction, the responses were 47.5% in the right direction and 34.8% in the wrong direction.

The poll also revealed that 60% of respondents believes that progress is being made in the country. 27.8% said the country is stagnated and 10% said it is in decline.

The high cost of living is the main problem affecting Dominicans right now, says 58% of those polled. 63.7% single out inflation as the main problem affecting Dominicans.

Source: DR1, Hoy

February 11, 2015

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