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Politics has changed, but the government doesn’t know it

In an editorial in Diario Libre today, Monday 7 December 2015, editor Adriano Miguel Tejada writes that the government has not noticed that what people consider “good government” has changed. He points out that progress in public construction is now on a second tier, with issues that affect quality of life such as crime, corruption, traffic and transport, insecurity, and the lack of institutionalism as the current priority concerns. He says that is why people are shaken by all the noise about the judiciary, the lack of action against theft in government, the abuse of taxpayers that is manifested in many ways, and the President’s silence.

He writes that “Danilo just does not understand that he is the manager of the Dominican team and the fans, that is, the people, need to hear about the strategy, how quality jobs are to be created when the legislation almost prevents this; what guarantees do potential investors have when there is insecurity at all levels, including juridical, which acts as a deterrent. In short, how we can win this game and the championship.”

Tejada concludes: “Surprise visits are fine, but not as a government program. As they say in the countryside, “nobody gets full by just licking”. It means that the President should go beyond campaign rhetoric and explain why we should be positive about the situation, why the poor and the middle class can have hope. That is his mission.”

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

Dec 7, 2015

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