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Police fired for alleged airport passenger road robbery

The Superior Council of the Police has recommended the firing of a colonel, three lieutenant colonels, two mayors and a captain, a sergeant and a corporal following investigations into the alleged irregular confiscation of EUR370,0000 by a woman identified as Maria Pena who flew into Las Americas International Airport from Europe on 26 May 2015. A video by the 911 Emergency System showed the robbery by the Police officers.

The Police agents accused in the case are: Coronel Tomas Hernandez Cleto, lieutenant colonels Juan David Rodriguez and Evin de Lima Alcantara; mayors Cristian Gomez Feliz, Juan Carlos Castillo Diaz and captain Pedro Cleto Rosario.

Also second lieutenant Juan Manuel Roman Mercado, and sargeants Federico Armando Aybar Fortuna and Luis Manuel Zapata Luciano.

The video of the 911 Emergency system showed how on 26 May 2015, some of those accused assaulted the SUV in which the woman was driving to Santo Domingo. The SUV was escorted by other persons driving in another vehicle to which the agents fired to the tires and three proceeded to remove from the vehicle trunk the suitcase with the EUR370,000. The video shows how the assailants later left with Pena and would abandon her near the Dario Contreras Public Hospital. Pena presented a claim for the cash that was investigated by the Internal Affairs Division of the Police. The investigators said that the fired colonels and mayors acted with marked negligence as they were aware of the incident since 3 June 2015 and did not report the happening to their superiors until 21 June.

Source: DR1, Elnuevodiario

August 13, 2015

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