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Police dismantle gang that killed for hire and kidnapped

SANTO DOMINGO. The National Police announced yesterday that they dismantled an alleged gang whose structure was at the service of organized crime, which specialized in compulsive collections, activities related to kidnapping, the invasion of lands and killings for hire of members of public transportation unions.

The group, according to the Police, was led by a political and driver’s union leader who is also a PRD city Councilman for the municipality of Pedro Brand.

The person in question is Edison de los Santos Solis (Ney), whose house they searched yesterday morning and who on other occasions had been arrested accused of invading private property. The Police also detained several police and military members, among them Sergeant Amauris Cabrera Martinez.

The Police spokesman, Colonel Jacobo Mateo Moquete, yesterday held a press conference where he reported that the investigation which officers carried out regarding the case, determined that “this criminal organization carried out its operations of killings for hire, because of the conflicts existing between transportation federations over the control of routes.

The group is said by the Police to have shot, last 22 April 2012, Fabian Beltre Figuereoa (Milciadin), Lluberes Beltre Santana and Delvi Santana Perez, in an incident which occurred over the control of the bus stop that carries passengers to Tamayo. For this incident, Oberni Guerriero (Orbi or Limpia Botas) was arrested, and was later released.

According to a police report read by the spokesman of the institution Jacobo Mateo Moquete, the gang is involved in the shooting deaths of Oberni Guerriero (Orbi), who worked as the Coordinator of one of the routes of the New Option National Transportation Federation (FENATRANO) and of Angel Javier (Mayimbu), which occurred 17 January of this year, on Juana Saltitopa Street at the corner of Ana Valverde. Javier was the controller of the Del Toro bus routes (Asuchotoro). Both men are registered for homicides in the Police.

For both deaths, Police Sergeant Amauris Cabrera Martinez was arrested and just yesterday coercive measures were issued.

In the meantime state security agencies are pursuing another Sergeant, Felix Lora de Jesus, who apparently managed to leave the country, and according to the police report, “they were contracted and used by the political and transportation leaders already mentioned.”

These two members of the Police are also accused by the institution of killing, last 14 January, Mateo Nieves de Jesus and shooting Ramon Antonio Peña Beltre, Eddie Francisco Sanchez and Manuel Emilio Romero Figueroa in an incident that occurred at the bus stop on Duarte Avenue at the corner of Paris.

“Using ballistic comparisons it has been determined that this group of hit men, on 12 December 2014, also assassinated Vladimir Esterling Martinez Ruiz, in the sector of Pantoja in West Santo Domingo,” said Mateo Moquete.

Likewise it was established that in relation to these incidents there are another 6 that are being investigated by officers of the Police that are trying to gather evidence and proof that will permit them to completely clear the case. There are several prosecutors working on the investigations.

More regarding the gang of hired assassins

The Police found out that the gang used members of the Armed Forces, the Police and civilians with a criminal background to commit the deeds. Mateo Moquete said that according to the investigations it was discovered that the criminal organization carries out its operation of killing for hire because of the conflicts that exist among transportation federations over the control of routes. He said that for the incidents several members of the Police, the Armed the Forces as well as civilians are under arrest and they are carrying out searches with the aim of gathering evidence.

Source: DiarioLibre

January 30, 2015

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