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Police continue beatings of citizens at the police station in Sosua, including the youngsters

PUERTO PLATA Inexplicable assaults and beatings continue to citizens detained in the detachment of the National Police in the tourist town of Sosua, as several complaints are made in the media by family members of assaulted.
One week ago, the young man Arnaldo Warner Victoria 23-year-old had to be admitted to a private health center after being severely beaten inside the cell of the police station in Sosua, where he kept imprisoned after being arrested at night by the National Police patrol when he was walking down the street of Pedro Clisante.
The most recent case occurred last Monday – a father of two young people showed a report that members of the National Police in Sosúa, arrested his sons, took them to the police station and beat them savagely without any justification.
When making his complaint Mr. Juan Bautista Villa, denounced on the television program “Detrás del Rumor” that his children were traveling on a motorcycle, when two policemen at the traffic light next to Playero supermarket stopped them, then they took the boys to the barracks where one of the them was greeted with a revolver at their head, which resulted in a wound and trauma to the skull, and they also beat his other younger son who got bruises on his left eye.
Bautista Villa said that such abuses committed against citizens by police in Sosua should be eradicated because almost daily acts of aggression are reported against decent people, while no action taken against criminals who are allegedly protected by the police.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

August 5, 2015

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  1. Samson

    Completely unacceptable! Who do they think they are? If they are not doing anything useful – get rid of them!
    They are just armed thugs.

  2. Stocker

    A friend of mine says she had a bag placed over her head which was then smashed against a wall, because the police at Sosua thought she knew the whereabouts of a criminal. She didn’t.

  3. Alexa

    always the worst experience with the Police Station in Sosua..a desatre.
    I needed a Report for the incident of a stolen plaka of my car.
    10 days – day by day – I was there to get the certicated paper. Nothing happens…always excuses that the Oficial is not here and when he will come nobody knows.They want “Propina” of course… not that Problem?…no… but for all 10 guys jumping around me?
    Finally I went to the Fiscal in the Ayuntamiento in Sosua and got the paper within 2 hours.
    The Police in Cabarete is pretty helpful. I was really surprised after these bad experiences in Sosua

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