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Police accuse eight members of a gang that assaulted houses and businesses

SD. The National Police arrested eight persons who are considered responsible for the double murder of the former Deputy Minister of Energy and Mines, Victoriano Santos Hilario and his son Victor Manuel Santos Gutierrez, which occurred last 6 March in Cotui and whose motive was robbery.

The accused are Luis Enrique Acosta Fermín (a) El Pelotero, Freddy Feliz (Julio), said to be an accomplice, Nathanael Yoli Osoria (El Mayor), Isauris Sánchez (El Abusador), Yensy Rodríguez Torre, (accomplice), and Sergio Andrés Santos.

The police said also that Manuel de la Cruz Feliz, (a) Aris, and José Oscar Familia Delmonte(a) Cali El Peluquero were involved in the crime..

The Police explained in detail all the process of the investigation, saying that the group arrived at the house of the government official in a gold colored Toyota 4Runner, license plate G241929, belonging to Acosta Fermin, who, according to what the police found, loaned it quite often for traveling to provinces to assault and rob.

On the day of the incident in Cotui, the group had attempted to carry out several assaults beforehand, One in a pharmacy located in the center of the city, another in a tire and auto parts business called La Gomera. They halted only because in both cases there was a flow of people in the different places.

According to the results of the investigation led by the director of the Center of Criminal Investigations (Dicrim), General Cesar Sena Rojas, the group accused of killing the official and his son, discovered the presence of the young man who had come back from the University and once there, they pointed guns at him and asked him if there were any firearms in the house.

Upon being questioned by the Police, one of them narrated that when they knocked on the door of the room where the Deputy Minister was, and he realized that his son was being held at gunpoint, he gave “a big punch,” to “Yontin”, who fell to the floor, and he tried to shoot him and the revolver that he carried misfired. It was at that moment when the “El Abusador” shot him in the back, which killed the Deputy Minister, immediately his son Victor attacked him and “El Abusador” also shot him. “On seeing what happened, the gang went out running and departed.

The pistol used to commit the crime, was a .380 cal automatic stolen days before from a teacher.

Source: DiarioLibre

March 20, 2015

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