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PLD hopeful about meeting of Danilo and Leonel

SANTO DOMINGO. A meeting between President Danilo Medina and the former President Leonel Fernandez, is being coordinated by leaders of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), before Sunday’s meeting of the party’s Political Committee.

PLD leaders who were consulted said that the meeting might be held either Friday or Saturday of this week, and both men would be accompanied by several members of the Political Committee, among them the Senate President, Cristina Lizardo, and the Secretary-General of the PLD, Reinaldo Pared Perez, who have been working towards this meeting.

Central Committee member, Alejandro Montas, said that steps are being taken in this direction.

“This meeting could come about and might be held and it is something we all asking for, that the two great leaders of our party decide the course to take,” he emphasized. Montas explained that the idea is to find out which is the best decision regarding the request for a constitutional reform which seeks to modify the Magna Carta in order to allow Medina to opt for a new, four-year, period.

He said that the Political Committee of the party should express itself and deal with this affair, and that such a decision he was sure would be accepted by the promoters of reelection.

Montas insisted that the different sectors of society have been calling for the reelection of Medina, because of the good government which he has been carrying out.

Regarding the speech given by former President Fernandez, during a political concentration carried out last Sunday at the Sports Palace, he pointed out that it can be interpreted in several ways, but principally it referred to party unity.

“It is a lecture which has as its purpose the fact that he is aspiring to the presidency of the Republic, but there is also a great message of maintaining party unity and the other message is that they are going to deal with the issue of the re-nomination,” he said.

“There is a stalemate”

The presidential hopeful Francisco Javier Garcia said that he has “the key” that will solve the internal stalemate” in the PLD, because of the opposition of one sector to the possibility of a reelection of President Medina, and he said that it is now time that the party choose its presidential candidate.

“There is a stalemate here and I can assure you that I have the key, if I of the presidential candidate of the PLD, as I am sure that I’m going to be, I will win the elections with more than 60% of the votes,” he declared.

He added that those who oppose reelection are wrapped up in a conceptual error. “Danilo Medina cannot be defeated, reelection might happen and might not happen, but Danilo cannot be defeated,” he underlined.

He said that while there is opposition to reelection, “all our Senators want him to be reelected. If Comrade Leonel Fernandez, had the right to be reelected, Danilo should also have it.”

He says there is permanent contact

The former Vice President of the Republic, Rafael Alburquerque, assured reporters that between President Danilo Medina and PLD party president Leonel Fernandez, there has been permanent contact and that both men are leaders with sufficient experience and good sense. “Both Leonel Fernandez as well as Danilo Medina are aware of the importance which the unity of the Dominican Liberation Party has,” stressed the PLD leader and member of the Political Committee. Alburquerque gave the example of the most recent meeting of the Political Committee, as well as the visit carried out by President Medina to the former President at his home, “because of a campaign of discredit against the former President.” He said that the next meeting will be fraternal; there arenot going to be bigger problems and there’s not going to be any internal division of the PLD.

Paredes calls for mediator in “confrontation” of PLD

In a letter addressed to President Danilo Medina, former President Leonel Fernandez and the Secretary-General of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Reinaldo Pared Perez, former minister Melanio Paredes warned that they have closed the most unobstructed paths, such as the organic ones, and suggested defining the pertinence of an official mediator in the process of the internal elections.

The PLD leader Melanio Paredes proposed that they allow President Danilo Medina the opportunity to declare himself or to postpone his decision regarding reelection until the month of May, a year before the next elections will be held.

“If this is discussed, since the issue of presidential reelection is on the agenda for next Sunday, 19 April, the Political Committee will not hurry a majority decision since it would be counterproductive to the party tradition.”

Paredes said that in the PLD there is no ideological conflict but rather “a rash dispute of leadership, recklessly pushed by persons both inside and outside of the party.”

He suggested convening the Central Committee for the middle of the month of May, in order to make official everything relating to the major nominees with reasonable time and in order to program and establish the procedures of selection and certifying the remaining candidates at all levels.

He asked for the party to sponsor, by means of consultations and consensus with the political parties, the approval of the reform to the Electoral Law and the legislative proposal of the Law of Political Parties “which permits the organization with certainty of the electoral process.”

Source” DiarioLibre

April 14, 2015

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    The answer is quite simple. The people have spoken. It would be foolish to deny them.

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