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People of SVG, say NO to the Dominican Republic participation in Miss Carnival 2015

I am making an appeal to prime minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr Ralph Gonsalves to withdraw the invitation from the Dominican Republic contestant, Ms Lesley Bell Troncoso Rijo, who is slated to participate in the Miss Carival competition to be held in St Vincent and the Grenadines on Friday, July 3, 2015.

The government and people of St Vincent and the Grenadines should not promote a country as the Dominican Republic, which by a decision of the Supreme Court stripped our black brothers and sisters of Haitian descent who were born in the Dominican Republic their right to citizenship in the Dominican Republic.

What the government of the Dominican Republic is doing amounts to “a crime against humanity”, which is obviously based on racism. How could women and children be sent out of a country where they were born without their belongings, and with no place to live in Haiti, where they don’t know anyone? This is an act of evil and should be condemned by everyone in our “Caribbean civilization”.

St Vincent and the Grenadines and the Dominican Republic are members of the Community of Latin American Caribbean States (CELAC), a regional organization that aims to unite, strengthen and promote the interests of Latin America and Caribbean States. Dr Gonslaves recently attended a EU/CELAC meeting where, among other things, the mass deportation of people of Haitian descent was discussed, and he said, “A lot of people ask me, ‘Why are you, Ralph, so strong on this matter?’ I say, ‘I am strong on this in the same way that I am strong on other things,” and he gave examples of reparation for native genocide and slavery and the further enoblement of the Caribbean civilization.

Dr Gonsalves also said at the EU/CELAC meeting, “It is unacceptable to have a public policy in relation to citizenship, grounded in ethnicity or your national origins…” He went on to say, “Persons of Haitian descent born in the Dominican Republic, they are denied citizenship and they are denied citizenship on ethnic grounds or grounds of national origins.”

The reason why I am making this appeal to Dr Gonsalves is because he said, “These persons don’t have anybody to talk for them so I have to be their voice.” He also said, “I have to do it because I know Jesus would have done it.”

Dr Gonsalves, I am begging you on behalf of Vincentians and the people of our Caribbean civilization, lead the way by saying to the Dominican Republic it cannot participate in our festivities and be a part of our Caribbean civilization until it does the right thing by stopping this mass deportation of our brothers and sisters to Haiti.

Amory Lashley

Source: Caribbean News Now

June 26, 2015

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