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Over 56,000 Haitian students go to Dominican Schools and Universities

Over 56 000 Haitian students take classes in public and private schools of the country, of which a considerable number pursuing different careers in Dominican universities, according to the Planning Department of the Ministry of Education.
In pre-university education there are about 44 thousand students and more than 12 000 in universities. Out of 67,000 foreign students from over 25 countries who study in Dominican public and private schools, about 66% are Haitians, followed by Americans, Spaniards and Puerto Ricans.
In case of pre-university education, the Ministry of Education does not require a birth certificate. The  total enrollment of Haitians in Dominican schools amounted to 44.310 students for the school year 2013, followed by the United States, with 12,519; Spain, with 1,753 students and 1,468 Puerto Ricans, according to official figures. They are followed by Venezuelans, Italians, Dominicans, Colombians, Mexicans, French, Cuban, Panamanian, German, Danish, Russian, Chinese, Peruvian, Guatemalan and Brazilian. The total number of foreign students amounted to 67.423 students.
Haitians in Dominican schools students represent 65.7% and the rest of other nationalities are 34.28%, equal to 23,113 students. The Haitian community had for the period 37.567 students in public schools, 6,148 private schools and 595 in the semi official school.
Of the 12,519 Americans in the country, the public schools were analyzed for the same period, 2,033 students, 10,196 in private schools and 290 semi-official in the area. The Spanish community, which stands in third place had 464 students in 1,252 public and private sector.
He said that of the 159 Russian students in private education were 152 students and 7 in the public sector. There were 477 public schools in Puerto Rican students, 290 Venezuelans, 193 Italians, 454 dominiquesa, 115 Danes, 10 Chinese and 560 other nationalities. There are about 1,630 students of other nationalities in the Dominican schools.
Source: Detras del Rumor
July 10, 2015

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