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Organizations call for protection for renewable energy

The Association of Energy Efficient and Renewable Energy Enterprises (Aseefeer) and the National Committee to Combat Climate Change (CNLCC), Justicia Climatica, the Institute of Lawyers for the Protection of the Environment (INSAPROMA) and other organizations are protesting that while the world is marching toward clean and renewable energies, with a summit for Climate Change set for Paris this month, the Dominican government insists on imposing an Electricity Pact with a coal-fired and traditional generation base, with a highly negative environmental impact.

The organizations say that during last week’s Electricity Pact discussions, government representatives headed by the Ministry of Energy and Mines, vetoed the consensus to reestablish tax incentives of Law 57-07 that were in effect prior to Fiscal Reform of 2012 to promote clean and renewable energy. They say that the National Energy Commission was the only exception among government representatives. The government proposed to postpone the talks until the conclusion of discussions for the Tax Pact, scheduled for after the May 2016 general elections.

The organizations say that with the veto, the government has shown clear signs that it is setting its sights on coal instead of on clean and renewable energy.

The organizations protested that for the past two years the government has held up the 11 wind energy concessions that would contribute around 1,300 megawatts without the public sector having to invest a cent and that would compete with the traditional sector forcing better prices.

But the organizations say that for the development of the clean and renewable sources, the restitution of the incentive of 75% tax deduction on income for self-producers as established in Law 57-07 needs to be reinstated.

They are also claiming that the government veto violates DR-CAFTA, which establishes that environmental protection cannot be reduced to favor a particular business.

The entities declared that the Punta Catalina coal-fired power plant was an obstacle to clean and renewable energy, which has to be imported.

The entities say that the DR has all the conditions for clean and renewable energy to meet 85% of the power demands in the country by 2030, with reductions in cost and fuel imports.

They criticized the Dominican government for adopting coal as the country’s main energy production source, saying that by doing this it was turning its back on the international community’s efforts to reduce global warming.

They highlighted that during the recent consultations sponsored by the United Nations Human Development Program from 3-10 November 2015, Dominican civil society and local organizations called for the elimination of the use of coal-fired plants and the establishment of clean and renewable energy in fulfillment of Art. 27 of Law 1-12 of the National Development Strategy. They called on citizens to join the world march for climate scheduled for this Sunday, 29 November 2015, with a rally in Santo Domingo’s Independence Park starting at 3pm.

Source: Dr1, Listindiario

Nov 26, 2015

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