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Natural gas for vehicles no longer very popular

Natural gas for vehicles no longer very popular

Local interest in natural gas for vehicles has waned. The statistics of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC) indicate that in 2010, natural gas equipment was installed in 446 vehicles; in 2011 the conversions totaled 2,764; in 2012 it was 6,051. But in 2013 the number of vehicles had declined to 3,764 and in 2014 the number again dropped to 2,235.

The decline of the interest of vehicle owners in the natural gas equipment has been significant. Official numbers for 2015 show that during the first quarter of the year, only 81 conversions to VNG were carried out.

In addition, other evidence of the lack of interest in the use of natural gas in vehicles, that a survey of companies that have been authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to carry out the conversions, found that many of these establishments have not had customers requesting installed the systems in months. In fact, several shops report that a number of clients have actually asked that the natural gas systems be removed from their vehicle.

In 2012, natural gas fifth generation conversion equipment sold for between RD$65,000 and RD$80,000, and at the present time the cost has dropped to around RD$50,000 and RD$55,000.

Some drivers consulted by Diario Libre, who use natural gas, said that this fuel still has advantages over the others. On the downside, the cost of natural gas has significantly increased, from RD$18.50 initial cost to RD$35.67 in December 2014. Many had made the conversion after authorities had assured that the cost of natural gas would be stable for 10 years.

Source: DR1

July 2, 2015

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