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Ministry of the Environment orders separation of garbage in the home, commerce and industry

SANTO DOMINGO. The Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources issued last 14 January Resolution 1- 2015 that establishes the procedure for the recovery of recyclable materials with commercial value.

The document indicates that the garbage should be separated at the source of its generation, which means single houses, buildings, condominiums, all types of commercial places, industries, public institutions and citizens in general.

In this sense the refuse should be divided into 2 parts: the inorganic- composed of paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, and metals in a dry plastic bag; and organic waste, food, plant trimmings, wood, etc. in a 2nd bag.

The ordinance indicates in addition the selective pickups. In this process they establish that the collection of the solid wastes of the city will be carried out separately, which is to say, they will not mix the multi – materials with the other residues, with the aim of avoiding the loss of commercial value of the first, facilitate its recycling and avoid its dumping in the sites of final disposition. This collection can be carried out by the municipal authority, companies contracted by the city Council (ayuntamiento), informal separators and intermediaries.

Regarding the transportation, the procedure that was approved establishes that once the garbage is collected in the separate forms, the residues are carried to an intermediate point, denominated a clean point or intermediate point, in order to treat the refuse or directly towards the recycling company.

The resolution allows the ayuntamientos to issue ordinances relating to the separation at the source of the refuse generated in order to facilitate its recovery and later recycling within the framework of the attributions and obligations of the municipal law. The document signed by the Minister Bautista Rojas Gomez does not indicate the date that this resolution will go into force, the deadlines that they will grant for its functioning or the ways they will prosecute the failures to comply.

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