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Minister of Defense complains of Haiti’s failure to comply with agreements for protection of truckers

27 February Naval Base. The Minister of Defense Lieutenant general Maximo William Muñoz Delgado complained that Haiti has failed to comply with the agreements signed with Dominican authorities on the point where they are committed to protect the Dominican truckers.

“They have failed to comply with that part, only that part, they have not given protection to the Dominican truckers. For our part there are no problems, which is to say the Haitian truckers come to our country and here they are safe, and this does not happen with our truckers who go to Haiti,” he said.

He explained that the latest incidents which occurred in Haiti are due to the political instability which that nation is experiencing.

He underlined that yesterday they held a meeting between Dominican truckers and those of Juana Mendez with the idea of finding a solution to the problems.

The military’s top official said that because of the problems which occurred last Monday, on Tuesday the Dominican truckers did not enter Haiti. “I understand that the best thing to do is to find an equitable solution to this problem through a dialogue, because the way that it is being done now is not correct. As he referred to the Plan of Normalization which is nearly ending, the Minister of Defense recalled that this is a joint plan, it is not a plan which only affects the Ministry of Defense, but also it is a plan which involves several institutions. Muñoz Delgado said that the ministry carries out the surveys and coordination necessary when the government puts an end to the Plan of Normalization.

He guaranteed that there will not be a “witch hunt”, and added that they cannot forget that Haitian labor has a strong incidence in the Dominican economy.

“I want you to know, that there is not going to be a witch hunt, it’s not like that, it is that everyone or anyone who cannot present a legal document, regrettably will have to return to his own country,” he said he indicated that the situation is the same for all foreigners that cannot present legal documents, “not just for Haitians.”

Source: DiarioLibre

April 16, 2015

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