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Medina and Governor of Puerto Rico sign agreements

SANTO DOMINGO. The Dominican government and the authorities of Puerto Rico signed yesterday 11 agreements in an equal number of areas that will permit strengthening and expansion of the relations between both peoples.

In a meeting he called ‘historic’, President Danilo Medina and the Governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro Garcia Padilla signed the agreements, after an extensive session of work by commissions from both countries.

The meeting was the end of a process of conversations and negotiations of two high level commissions who during a year had exchanged ideas and held meetings for the creation of a common agenda that would permit the re- launch of bilateral relations.

The agreements are aimed at increasing the exchange in aspects such as commerce, farm products, education, the environment and other areas of interest.

A historic turnabout

President Danilo Medina said that starting with this visit, the relations with that island would take a historic turnaround with extraordinary consequences for both peoples.

As he gave a speech at the end of the meeting which he headed together with Governor Garcia Padilla, the Dominican President called on the private sectors and the governmental authorities of Puerto Rico to take advantage of the excellent investment conditions that the country offers.

He invited investors to a Forum for the promotion of investment which will be held in Dominican territory within a month and a half.

“It is not possible with our proximity, that in Puerto Rico they buy products which form part of the offer of the Dominican Republic in other places and vice versa,” said Medina.

He said that Puerto Rico occupies the first place on the agenda of the Dominican government so that he called on those present to develop the chain of production, with the contribution of the talent of the two nations in order that it becomes more competitive.

He pointed out that as a result of the visit which was carried out by Governor Garcia Padilla to the Dominican Republic in September of last year, they discovered that the two peoples share priorities and that they have the same vision about what to govern.

He recalled that they held a talk that was frank and sincere and they reviewed the state of the relations and discussed concrete actions for strengthening these relations.

“Thank you, Governor, for the warmth and hospitality with which we have been received today in your house… I wish to thank you for all the initiatives that you are carrying out for the benefit of the hard-working Dominican community in Puerto Rico,” he said.

The Governor of Puerto Rico

For the Governor of Puerto Rico, the visit by Medina and his officials was a great day for the Caribbean because with it and the agreements reached continuity is given to a relationship which was begun by Professor Juan Bosch and Luis Muñoz Marín.

He recalled that the Dominican Republic is the principle economic partner of Puerto Rico and that for this reason they cannot turn their backs on this reality. He assured his audience that the economic marginalization of the Dominicans in Puerto Rican territory has ended, apart from their immigration status and he said that they cannot be treated differently.

The 11 bilateral agreements

1 – Commercial. The agreement permits a greater exchange of 25 farm products and an equal number of industrial products.

2 – Education. With regard to higher education, they signed two agreements that will permit Dominican students to pay tuition as Puerto Rican residents.

3 – Security. Puerto Rico will provide the country with support and Kevlar vests, weapons and equipment. They reached an agreement for Dominican police to receive training at the Puerto Rican agencies.

4 – Disasters. An agreement was signed to promote the exchange of experiences and technical assistance in the systems of early warning and response in the face of natural disasters.

5 – Fiscal. They agreed upon a series of activities to promote improvements in institutions in the areas of Control and Administration of direct and indirect taxes.

6 – Promotion. They signed other agreements regarding the promotion of investments, the protection of the environment and the handling and management of natural resources.

7 – Exchange. This is an agreement to identify possible productive chains between Puerto Rican and Dominican industries

8 – Fund. They created a fund of half $1 million per year for scholarships for Dominican students in Puerto Rican universities.

9 – English. They signed an agreement to promote the teaching of the English language in the Dominican Republic with the help of the University of Puerto Rico.

10 – Environment. They will collaborate through an exchange of information and professionals to improve the environmental area.

11 – FTA Promotion. They agreed to promote an effective use of the Free Trade Agreement.

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