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Medina acknowledges Abinader as main rival

Major polls published prior to Tuesday 17 November 2015 show that President Danilo Medina is most likely to win the 2016 general election in a first round. Nevertheless, with corruption scandals pecking away at his popularity, Medina announced this week for the first time that he was giving his main rival, the PRM’s Luis Abinader until December, implying that this is when he would begin in full his presidential campaign. Medina pointed out that he had never seen a case where a candidate with a 25% popularity rating has won an election.

The general election campaigns are not due to officially begin before the three-month period prior to the 15 May 2016 poll date. But this has not stopped candidates from carrying out major activities and filling roadsides with campaign posters and billboards.

After Medina’s statement, media commentators observed that this was the first time Medina had referred to his main rival. Abinader has constantly been focusing on Medina’s strengths and weaknesses, such as his much promoted “surprise visits”, the electricity tariffs, the price of fuel, and auctions of imports of farm products.

Recently, Abinader observed how the popularity of the President has been dropping. A Cies International poll (328 persons polled) indicated that Medina’s popularity had fallen to 49%, and a run off election would be needed.

As reported in Hoy, Abinader questioned that Medina refuses to address the key issues that concern the nation and instead prefers to focus on his re-election campaign.

Meanwhile, Diario Libre reports on JCE judge Eddy Olivares’ proposal that the campaign should start on 15 December 2015, considering that the campaign has already started, and the only thing pending is to make it official. Once the campaign is officially open, the JCE can monitor spending.

Source: Dr1, DiarioLibre

Nov 17, 2015

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