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LF and DM advance in talks on solving PLD crisis

SD. The live speech in which the former President Leonel Fernandez will address the country at 10 o’clock tonight, has created great expectations. Some persons expect it to contribute to putting an end to the crisis which occurred in the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) because of a possible constitutional reform.

Since the meeting of the Political Committee of the government’s party, held last 19 April in which it was decided to submit to the National Congress a legislative proposal to reform the Law of Laws in order to permit President Danilo Medina to be elected on one occasion, the PLD appears to have become a boxing ring in which each side of the quadrilateral sees the two tendencies (or opponents) trying to expend all their strategies in order to defeat their adversaries.

The legislative proposal to declare the need of reforming the Constitution was deposited in the Senate last 30 April, by 13 PLD Senators.

According to sources, the speech by the president of the Purple Party might be the result of the conversations that the representatives appointed by the leaders, Leonel Fernandez and Danilo Medina, have held. These are Franklin Almeyda Rancier and Rafael Alburquerque, who represent Fernandez and José Ramon Peralta and businessman José Miguel Gonzalez Cuadra, appointed by Medina.

Some of the representatives did not wish to reveal details regarding the coming speech by Fernandez. “It isn’t correct for me say anything. The correct thing is that president (Fernandez) speaks. That he speaks of agreements or disagreements, that he informs the country.” Was all that Almeyda Rancier would say yesterday.

Will the torch be passed?

Yesterday, it was not possible to obtain reactions from the group which follows Danilo Medina because the majority of those persons who were contacted said they did not know the content of former President Fernandez’s speech.

Senator Euclides Sanchez, who now defines himself as “for Leonel and for Danilo,” stressed that Fernandez has characterized himself for being a leader who has handled himself with prudence and party discipline so that he believes he should admit that the political atmosphere favors Medina and as the leader of the PLD support reelection.

“I am for Leonel and for Danilo because we have to protect the party’s leadership. It is not necessary to burn Leonel, he has to leave strengthened and in order to achieve this he cannot act against the interests of the Political Committee which he chairs,” he said.

Sanchez and Adriano Sanchez Roa, the spokesman of the PLD bloc of Senators, revealed yesterday the special Senate commission’s decision, of which they are part and which is empowered of the study of the legislative proposal that would declare the need to reform the Constitution, that he expects that an agreement is produced between both leaders before the report is presented.

In the meantime, Domingo Jimenez, a “Leonelist”, insisted yesterday that Fernandez cannot support Congress approving a law to convene the National Revising Assembly by an ill legal vote of a simple majority.

In spite of the fact that in March 2011 then President Fernandez received the support of 2.7 million signatures in order to accept the reform of the Constitution in order to be re-nominated, he did not accept this.

If Fernandez supports reelection this should be translated to mean that all of the PLD legislators should vote in favor of this measure.

Then, the other battle to be fought would be with the members of the Congressional opposition, in order to achieve the required votes of the 190 deputies and the 32 Senators.

The speech by Leonel Fernandez

The speech by the president of the PLD will be transmitted live over a network of radio and television as well as the Internet at 10 o’clock tonight.

And will have as the parent station Telemicro, Channel 5, and will be transmitted by 13 television channels. It will be transmitted through the webpages of; and

Expert believes the struggle will leave wounded in the PLD

Sociologist José Antinoe Fiallo said that the internal structure which has occurred in the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) will leave its wounded, who will return and could produce future factions.

“All these struggles of factions, both in the PLD, the PRD, as well as the Reformist Party and other organizations, leave their wounded, independently of the fact that in a given moment some type of an agreement can appear, this leaves their wounded which sooner or later, since they have been festering, in each one of the parties they reappear and produce deep factions,” he indicated.

He argued that this could be happening internally in the PLD over the next two years.

He also said that independently of what the former President Leonel Fernandez says tonight, this is not going to influence in the national problems, because what is being suggested in the PLD is between sectors and over the leadership of this organization.

Source: DiarioLibre

May 25, 2015

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