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“Leonelists”: reelection would create a division in the PLD

They believe the issue should not be dealt with by the Political Committee of the PLD, but Danilo’s people think differently

SD. While Senators and deputies of the tendency of Leonel Fernandez are confident that during the next meeting of the Political Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) the members will not touch the issue of reelection, and that in the case that they do analyze it, it will not be approved by them, because it would constitute a threat for the internal party unity. Those who favor reelection reiterate that this issue should not be overlooked by the PLD leadership.

The Senator for Espaillat, José Rafael Vargas, of the tendency of Leonel Fernandez, is sure that President Danilo Medina has no interest in the modification of the Constitution, because he knows what forcefully imposing reelection represents. “This is to say, you are suggesting the possibility of breaking up the party, of staying in power based on the use of public resources,” he said.

He recalled the negative consequences that this had for former President Hipolito Mejia, “when he forced the modification of the Magna Carta.”

In the meantime, the spokesman for the deputies of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Ruben Maldonado, does not believe that the Political Committee will meet to deal with presidential reelection, but he feels that if they do talk about it, their decision should be centered on the preservation of internal unity, which he believes would be at risk if they approve the modification of the Law of Laws for this end.

“The PLD family, under no circumstance can give itself the luxury that an issue of this nature divides us or separates us,” he said.

He added: “If you tell me that you have the party President who is not in agreement that a constitutional modification be approved for the benefit of the current president, and you tell me that there are sectors that are promoting this, then, in fact, there is a level of confrontation which should not be taken outside to see who has the greatest capacity to win.”

The PLD deputy Orlando Espinosa said that the Political Committee should demonstrate that the Constitution “is not a joke,” and that there exists a state of law in the country.

Maldonado, Espinoza and Vargas say that it would be the first time that the issue would be dealt with by the top leadership of the PLD, and that this was not talked about when they asked Fernandez to try for reelection.

In the meantime, Francisco Javier Garcia, who aspires to the presidential nomination for the PLD, said that in the meeting they should deal seriously with party unity. In his judgment, nothing is more important for the PLD rank and file then to maintain their unity.

Political scientist believes meeting will deal with conventions

For political scientist Freddy Angel Castro, the meeting of the Political Committee of the PLD is of great importance not only for the party, but also for the country. The agenda, he feels, will be concentrated on things relating to its internal processes.

“I don’t think that they are going to put the issue of reelection on the agenda, but rather the selection of the candidates, and everything that has to do with the organize Asian of the conventions in order to determine the pre-candidates,” he noted.

In his judgment, since this is an ordinary meeting, the agenda can be defined before it starts.

“There should be a direct proposal by a member of the body to the assembly in order to deal with some specific issue,” he said.

Those in favor of reelection

Deputies Radhames Camacho (a member of the Political Committee), Rafael Mendez and Tulio Jimenez, believe that the issue of reelection must be dealt with by the top level PLD leadership. In the meantime Gonzalo Castillo, the principal promoter of reelection, feels that the meeting will be positive. “It is always good to see and converse with the comrades of the Political Committee.”

Source: DiarioLibre

March 24, 2015

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