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Leonel and his group continue entrenched against reelection

SANTO DOMINGO. The atmosphere inside the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) continues tense, with rumors that the followers of Leonel will take to the streets this weekend to inform the PLD rank and file about their rejection of the decision by the Political Committee to launch a constitutional reform in order to permit the reelection of President Danilo Medina.

But one of the spokesmen for former President Leonel Fernandez, Domingo Jimenez, denied that they are going to carry out assemblies or acts that might be considered as a “rebellion” against the authority of the Political Committee.

Jimenez indicated that for the moment there is no speech by Fernandez programmed, but he did not discard that this might happen in the coming days.

“Nobody is going to act rebelliously, we seek the unity of the PLD and we are calling for them to reconsider this decision, without a doubt a mistake. The future of the reform is not determined; the PLD does not have the majority and this is going to depend on many factors,” he argued.

The senator from San Cristobal, Tommy Galan, called for the acceptance of the decision by the PLD leadership bodies because later on they would not respect the authority of the decisions that come from the highest levels.

“I am recommending patience more than agitation,” said the legislator after pointing out that the president of the PLD, the secretary-general and its authorities are the ones called to validate the decisions by the authorized bodies.

He said it is not necessary to carry out any type of exercises which contribute to the agitation within the PLD, so that he trusted that an agreement would be reached between the sectors.

From Congress

Yesterday, the atmosphere in the Congress seemed quite restrained, and few PLD legislators dared to give an opinion regarding the issue to the press, although little gatherings were frequent in the halls and in the offices.

Among those that expressed themselves against reelection, some limited themselves to saying that they are still firm in their position.

Among them, Deputy Demostenes Martinez, who said that they will maintain their posture of not supporting the constitutional reform. Given the rumors that they are offering candidacies in exchange for a favorable vote for the reform project, he insisted that his position is not negotiable and that none of the legislators can knuckle under for elective positions.

The letter not read in the CP

PLD leaders said that in the last meeting of the Political Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party a letter sent by the secretary of Youth of the party, Franklin Rodriguez, to the CP was not read. In the letter he asked them to reject the petition of a constitutional reform.

These leaders warned that if they finally achieve the support of the legislators of the opposition parties “all the country will think, whether it is or is not true, and perception is worth a lot in politics, that those votes were purchased and that the PLD did the same thing that the PRD did when with bribes they undermined the conscience of 11 legislators from our party.”

In the letter addressed to the members of the CP, the young PLD members argued that “we should not mortgage our future, do not expose us so that later on they can say about us that we are the same as the PRD/PRM, that there is no difference between politicians of opposing parties.”

Those in favor of reelection

A group of leaders, members of the Central Committee of the PLD and other bodies, headed by the Minister of Youth, Jorge Minaya, issued a document backing the decision by the Political Committee to modify the Constitution and permit the reelection of President Danilo Medina. “Our Political Committee is the proper party organ to instruct, and decide upon fundamental issues of our political party such as unity,” they said.

Source: DiarioLibre

April 24, 2015

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