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Law of Parties of the PLD contradicts transparency

SANTO DOMINGO. The Institutionalism and Justice Foundation (Finjus) pointed out nine principle areas of discrepancies between the legislative proposal for the Law of Parties approved in the Chamber of Deputies, and that which was submitted by the Central Electoral Board (JCE).

Finjus specified that the proposal approved suggested the distortion of the function of the political parties and the incompatibilities with the functions and workings of party politics.

They also say that the proposal distorts the internal democracy of the parties and the suitability of the candidates.

Another point that was damaged, in the opinion of Finjus, is gender equality and fairness in the access to leadership positions, as well as the transparency and accountability of public funds and donations.

The civil society organization deplored the fact that the proposed law would affect everything relating to political education and training, the system of sanctions and consequences, and internal due process.

“The PLD proposal has created major worries, by presenting serious contradictions with the regulatory framework and the advances achieved in the reform process of democratic institutionalism,” they indicated.

They recall that attending an invitation of the JCE and the Commission of Political Parties of the Chamber of Deputies that worked on the proposal, the PLD submitted their legislative proposal for the Law taking as a basis the JCE document, later withdrawn in order to achieve a consensus and then reintroduced almost completely.

They argued that the approval in the Chamber of Deputies last Tuesday, 28 April, of this legislative proposal has caught a lot of attention from important social sectors and a high degree of concern has been expressed, both because of its content, as well as “by the hurried and improper manner” of the use of legislative procedures and rules.

“It is surprising that, except in the aspect of recognition of popular sovereignty, in all the key aspects of the project which was approved by the Chamber of Deputies, the same limitations, distortions and deficiencies that Finjus had observed in the previous legislative proposals for the Law of Parties are still reflected, and they have in common the distortion of the proposal by the Central Electoral Board and the contributions of national agencies and international experts in the material,” they pointed out.

Source: DiarioLibre

May 6, 2015

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