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Judges of the Constitutional Tribunal and Superior Electoral Tribunal increase their salaries

SD. The 13 judges of the Constitutional Tribunal (TC) and the five judges of the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) ordered themselves an increase in their salaries.

With the increase, the presiding judge of the TC, Milton Ray Guevara, will now receive a salary increase from RD$420,726.66 to RD$440,764.83.. At the same time the pay of the chief magistrate of the TSE, Ariana Rodriguez, goes from RD$400,000 to RD$438,588.75 each month.

The first and second substitute judges of the presiding magistrate of the TC, Leyda Margarita Piña and Lino Vasquez Samuel now receive stipends of RD$419,502.33 and RD$393,121.08 respectively. Before the salary increase, their monthly pay was RD$400,476.66 and RD$375,351.66. The monthly pay for the remaining 10 judges of the Constitutional Tribunal went from RD$360,726.66 to RD$377,764.83.

The magistrates are Ana Isabel Bonilla Hernández, Justo Pedro Castellanos Khoury, Hermógenes Acosta de los Santos, Víctor Joaquín Castellanos Pizano, Jottin Cury David, Rafael Díaz Filpo, Víctor Gómez Bergés, Wilson Gómez Ramírez, Katia Miguelina Jiménez and Idelfonso Reyes.

At the same time the pay for the remaining judges of the TSE, Mabel Feliz Baez, Marino Mendoza, John Giuliani, and José Manuel Hernandez Peguero were increased from RD$360,000 to RD$394,729.87.

This high court also gave a general salary increase to its employees.

The Justice Department also ordered a salary increase to some 710 career prosecutors of 25%, while more than 200 prosecutors who were not yet part of the career of the Justice Department are benefited with a 10% salary increase.

Likewise the employees received a salary increase of 10%. The prosecutors, who previously received a salary of RD$69,000, now will receive an increase to RD$86,000. In the meantime those that do not yet on the career path receive now RD$75,000, after the salary adjustment. The general prosecutor’s of the appeals courts will now receive a salary increase from RD$97,000 pesos to RD$121,000 each month.

Source: DiarioLibre

April 6, 2015

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