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JCE rejects extension of old cédula

SANTO DOMINGO. The Plenary of the Central Electoral Board (JCE) rejected yesterday the extension of the period of validity of the old cédula, as was requested by several political parties, arguing that there are still 2 million persons who lack this official document.

The measure was adopted by a majority of votes, with the acceptance by members Roberto Rosario (President), Rosario Graciano del los Santos, Cesar Feliz Feliz and José Angel Aquino, while it was rejected by Eddy Olivares Ortega.

In the meeting it was agreed therefore that they would keep open the centers for issuing cédulas all over the country, so that the persons interested could go there and obtain the new document completely free of charge.

In a like manner, the Plenary of the JCE decided to grant an opportunity until 31 January to the political parties in order for them to issue their opinions with respect to the makeup of three new election boards and the restructuring of another 61, according to what was reported in a press communiqué.

The three new boards to be created correspond to the municipalities of Baitoa, San Victor and Matanza, which together with the 61 that need to be restructured, were agreed upon with the representatives of the political parties and the civil society of these communities.


Of the 5,328,782 cédulas that have been issued by the JCE, 87% is supported by the information on the birth certificates of each one of the card holders.

According with the statistics of the agency, 4,635,568, now possess the information of the birth certificate in the system and the document, while 693,212, just 13%, still lack this information.

“When the process ends everyone is going to have on the back of this cédula the number of the event of their birth certificate, and when they go to request a renewal it will also come out,” noted the JCE President, Roberto Rosario.

He explained that when the process was begun for the new cédulas, there were persons with the information and that approximately 100,000 citizens provided the information physically.

“The other acts were provided by the system itself, including the number of the cédula, which includes the event and the system automatically pulled up the act and put it on the cédula,” he emphasized as he offered information on the cédula process.

The cédula process

The numbers offered by the JCE offer, in addition, the fact that 3,431,822 citizens have updated their address, 2,423,147 provided their blood types, 1,338,528 changed their profession or job title and 302,439 changed their legal status.

In the same way, some 4603 persons changed their sex, after presenting problems upon being declared with names that lead to confusion, and another 5613 renewed the document with the blue cédula.

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