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JAD sees lack of responsibility by not importing food

The Ministry of Agriculture said that the decrease in rice production due to the drought has already reached 200,000 quintals. As a result the Dominican Agro industrial Board (JAD) said that it felt that it would be irresponsible not to allow the import of foodstuffs given the documented decrease in production as a consequence of the drought that is affecting the country. He said the importations are needed to avoid a shortage of key commodities, including rice.
The executive president of the entity, Osmar Benitez, said that many farm groups are wary of allowing imports of grains and other basic foods. But, Benitez insists, that the reality of the crisis caused by the drought is evident. In equal terms Minister of Industry and Commerce Jose Del Castillo Savinon said that the authorities are considering the possibility of allowing imports of food, given the decline of farm production due to the drought that has lasted for six months.

The decrease in production according to numbers offered by the Minister of Agriculture, Angel Estevez, has been particularly sever in the rice sector.

However, in the opinion of the president of the National Association of Milk Producers (Aproleche), Eric Rivero, imports should not be allowed based on the premise that “for the farm sector, imports have done more damage than the drought.”

Nevertheless, the import of foodstuffs has been on-going on in the country as normal, according to statistics provided by the Deputy Minister of Internal Commerce of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. This data revealed that only in the month of April imports of foodstuffs surpassed US$200 million. According to the statistics, imports have been relatively stable, even declining by 0.02% between March and April 2015.

Source: DR1

August 20, 2015

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