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Is Sosua becoming the new “Polisua”?

Everyone from 1st time tourists, repeat tourists, expats to local traders, are fed up and disgusted by the overwhelming numbers of police and their corrupt behavior.

Both day and night you won’t turn your head too far before you spot some officers either sitting around, walking, riding on motorbikes, vehicles, entering various establishments, or running down Pedro Clisante chasing a flock of high heeled squealing ladies with the aim of arresting them.

Most Police personnel in Sosua are not doing anything that resembles true police work or what one could expect to hear of or see in any civilized country. Some of the corrupt tricks by Police are:

  • Stopping anyone at night who’s either momentarily stopped, i.e. to make a call, or who’s commuting in areas away from the eyesight of the public. The Police then quickly try to frame such commuters for being criminals, and says “you are going to jail” (without any logical reason explained to the victim). The person then gets scared, and is told if they want to avoid it they’ll have to pay 2000 pesos to be released. Once the officers have the money, they quickly take off.
  • Police make arrangements with prostitutes with the aim of blackmailing male tourists, who already paid her the agreed amount for her services, yet later that night the Police together with the prostitute cause a scene in local bars by entering such establishments, demanding the guy comes outside – then only to find himself blackmailed, often taken to a nearby ATM for extortion of cash to avoid going to jail. Other tourists watching such “shake-downs” go down, feel highly uncomfortable and peeved off by the Police’s presence, especially watching the Police supporting some hysteric Hollywood performance by their gangster prostitute associate! nothing but criminal extortion done by uniformed personnel.
  • Police in general are also very racist as they have many “buddy buddy” relationships with Dominican prostitutes who freely walk past them, whilst Haitian prostitutes are being chased up down the streets like “escaped cattle”. These ladies when caught are then robbed by the Police off any cash they might have (pocketed by the officers), or they have to spend overnight in a dirty jail cell if they are so broke that they have neither money for the cops nor feeding their dear children. Haitians are frequently picked on or arrested for no decent reasons whats-soever – always the same kind of feedback: “we are easy to pick on” – “they want to keep us poor by robbing any cash we have on us” or “they want to kick us back to Haiti” – Horrible and un-nerving for the poor Haitians, and it boils tourists’ blood to watch this crap go down!!
  • During the daytime Police extort and fine the owners’ of shops, restaurants and bars for pathetic nonsense claiming their sign boards are illegal, BBQ’s placed in illegal spots or any other pathetic excuse to harass the traders to rob them for some cash (which they again pocket for themselves).

The list of corrupt behavior goes on and on… however when a true crimes do happen, then Police have a nasty reputation of letting people down, and even robbing items from people’s homes, extorting the thieves for a cut of the lout. Many residents don’t even dare to call Police whether during or after a crime takes place, as they usually make the situation much worse or the Police try to frame the very victims who called them for help in the 1st place – scary! When it comes to Police solving murder cases like i.e. the mysterious murder of Hotel Owner Brent Lewis, nothing ever seems to be solved and such cases are quickly buried with no conclusions ever reaching neither loved ones or the media!

So in other words, all the taxes collected from fines, fees, property taxes, goods and services, corporate taxes etc, are partly used to uniform and arm thousands of “thugs”, who daily invade our lives and businesses to extort, jail, victimize, let down and harass innocent people. This crap must be stopped!

As the saying goes “If the fish stinks, it stinks from the head down!” Uniformed personnel for all the various areas of law enforcement are hired and instructed by government, so unless they get dealt with to run this country ethically, then this overwhelming problem of over-policing will no doubt go from “very bad’ to “horrible” quite quickly.

According to many testimonies, the same kind of problems happening in Sosua are also present in Cabarete, Boca Chica, La Romana and most other locations in the country.

Author: Anonymous

July 12, 2015

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  1. Samson

    My own experience with the police is similar.

    After various robberies I need to inform the police for insurance purposes but nothing ever gets returned and then the insurance companies infer that you are a thief for daring to make a claim. So I end up using neither. waste of time and yes they will keep you waiting whilst they finish their card game.

    Have you been stopped on a mountain road by armed plain clothes police and asked for money?21

  2. Alexa

    We should should have a Hotline for all Problems tonight – everywhere – working quickly and efficient.
    Is there existing one?

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