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Is Edenorte robbing you for Christmas?

I am just one of many north coast residents who suddenly received a power bill which in my case jumped to six times the amount of what it usually is, even though the home routine is very much the same, except lately I’ve been watering less as we’ve had rain., so if anything the bill should have been lower than usual.

I ordered an electrician to come around to measure that everything was running fine with no shortages, and all was normal. Then we checked the meter reading which to no surprise was the problem. Edenorte had written on my bill that I had used over 500 Kw more than what it shows on my actual meter, in other words, simply, a fraudulent act by them to rob me of my hard-earned Gringo money! Of course, I won’t pay them anything till it gets rectified, so that is going to be interesting. Edenorte claim they read all our meters the 3rd day of each month (like they would have time to visit everyone’s meters in one day!) However, from now on I will keep a picture file of each monthly reading and check this against any bill arriving.

In regards to getting any service dealing with this situation, has been like a “kick in the face” by Edenorte. After they try rob you with a fake meter reading, then they even have the nerve to refuse you placing a “Reclamation” to investigate the matter unless you pay them 33% of the fraudulent amount they claim you owe, and they want to take yet another copy of your passport! So it’s not enough just scam on power usage – the thieving B***s now want to punish us with a 33% fine for daring to challenge their theft!!

Especially in the Sosua office, the manager and her staff are in on it, and try to make the process as long-winded and painful as humanly possible. The Cabarete staff and management seem quite different without the bad attitude, so go there if you want service rather than irresponsible, arrogant, corrupt treatment.

My advice is don’t pay unless the bill gets corrected and past money they robbed refunded to you!! I’ve just learned that the controlling “body” who supposedly can deal with scams by Edenorte is called “super Intendencia” and hold office in Puerto Plata, and they will be getting a visit shortly.

Last point is that every 9 out of 10 people I speak to either had similar or worse problems or they are currently going through some crap right now. This is why monopoly’s are bad news! ┬áSolution: ┬áDon’t back down or let them get the “unearned” – if they want Christmas bonuses then they better earn them! United we stand – Apart we fall!

Author: Extremely Pissed off Customer

Nov 14, 2015

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