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Incorrect use of insecticides can be very dangerous

Incorrect use of insecticides can be very dangerous, according to a recent incident reported by the Ministry of Public Health, when a fumigation company endangered the lives of a couple admitted to an intensive care unit after being affected by the poisoning. The case was sent before the Ministry of Public Health, Pro Consumidor, the Ministry of Environment, the National Police and other entities. One of the victims, Yassar Marmol, announced he would sue the company in the courts to raise awareness of the need for greater supervision and control of the use of these products.

He told Listin Diario reporters that on Thursday, 22 January 2015 he and his wife arrived home and smelled a strange gaseous odor. They checked the house, opened the windows to see if it came from outside and did not find anything. They went to bed but at dawn they started vomiting.

His wife was generally weak and could not feel her legs and hands. Upon investigation they found that the apartment above theirs had been sprayed and they went to a medical center and asked them to find out about the chemicals used and were immediately hospitalized in the ICU.

They discovered that the chemical used was aluminum phosphate, a highly toxic gas used in agriculture and not intended for domestic use.

Source: DR1, Lisitndiario

January 30, 2015

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