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In one week there were 136 complaints of stolen cell phones

SD. For a long time, the theft of cell phones in the country was a thing of the past, but in the last few weeks this crime has increased considerably to the extreme that it has caused two deaths in the Cibao region.

Citizens who have been victims of the thieves, have filed 136 complaints in a week in just one barrio office of the District Attorney located in the north part of the capital and they asked that the authorities take control in order to avoid at least that the cell phones are activated.

The chief of police, Major General Manuel Castro Castillo, complained about the facility with which cell phone thieves get out of the jails and on this occasion, the police chief asked the judges to be more severe in their sentences with these persons.

Some two weeks ago two young men lost their lives; one in the incidents was that which occurred at dawn last Sunday, 14 June, in which several men shot and killed Christian Almonte, 24, the son of a well-known doctor in Mao, in the province of Valverde and the other involved Luis Medrano Reyes, who returned from a workout in a gymnasium and was going to his house in the Fernandez Urbanization, in Villa Olimpica, when he was intercepted by a group of armed men.

The police in Santiago said that they had arrested Rosina Joselis Rodriguez Gonzales, 26, and seized 16 cell phones of different brands and models. The Police reported that the woman supposedly admitted that the mobile phones had been bought from Ramon Onady Cruz Cruz, Carlos Manuel Arias Rodriguez, and Zuleika Yadira Hiciano Martinez, who were under arrest for the shooting murder of Luis Medrano Reyes, 23.

Rafael a Matos had her cell phone, which she had bought in a store, stolen, and she reported it to the police. She canceled the line with her service provider and two months later “I saw it in the possession of a young punk whose job is just that, to steal cell phones and later sell them activated.”

Six months ago Hector Ramirez was beaten by a man and a woman who stole his cell phone which he had bought for RD$30,000, “I filed a complaint and they have never given me an answer.”

Recently, the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel) said that are as part of the process of verification and validation of clients which was forced upon the service providers last year, approximately 1.5 million mobile lines were canceled. These were presumed to be for “stolen cell phones” or phones that were activated under a fake identity.

A Police official, who asked that his name not be revealed, said that at the moment of activating a cell phone, the dealers do not see whether it is stolen or not, “they activate it because with each activation they earn as much as 1000 pesos and this is business for them and I feel that this is a job for everyone.”

Source: DiariolIbre

July 2, 2015

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