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Hope to build a 4 lane road vanishes, authorities only use this for reelection

PUERTO PLATA Although it was the main offering for this province by now president Danilo Medina, when he was a candidate almost three years, it still seems that promise is not on the agenda of the Head of State.
The construction of four lanes of the Puerto Plata-Navarrete highway seems to be a chimera, because the road infrastructure as important development of this tourist destination has been offered by presidents Leonel Fernandez, Hippolito Mejia and Danilo Medina, who like all Dominican politicians, speak one thing and do another campaign when they are in the standings.
It is no secret that due to the deplorable conditions of that highway it is named “the highway of death” or “a country road with asphalt” as it has been the scene of countless car accidents with untold deaths of people in addition to the large number of injured, while construction and expansion to four lanes alone is taken as an election format by government authorities.
Now an extension to four lanes from Puerto Plata to the municipal district of Maimon, will be taken the demanding pressures of Carnival Cruise Lines to the Dominican government to ensure the safety of hundreds of tourists who arrive before the end of the year at the modern cruise terminal being built in Navarrete – Maimon.
It is recalled that September 11, 2014, all tourist associations Puerto Plata through a public letter to the president; licentiate Danilo Medina, called for a new road layout with which tried to convince the president that supposedly the best choice for this destination is the road with the new route called “Atlantic Highway”, but forgot that the municipalities of the west would be isolated to that proposal.
The letter sent to the president for the Association of Hotel Owners, Condominiums and Commercial Establishments of Playa Dorada, and related associations joined forces to convince President Danilo Medina, said that this new route will generate a very favorable impact on social and commercial level, as they approach the historical attractions of Santo Domingo and ecotourism in Jarabacoa and Constanza, which encourage economic and social development, thus helping to achieve the goal of 10 million tourists a year.
In almost all means of communication both local and national, they have reviewed statements of the Minister of Public Works; Gonzalo Castillo Terrero, where he has exhibited many differences over the construction of the road to four lanes from Puerto Plata to Navarrete, to the extreme of refusing to talk about it despite being questioned by journalists about this work that has been “requeteprometida” for the last three presidents.
Finally, as the nerve of many officials and renowned leaders of the ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) already they started to use demagoguery to try to evade the issue of building a four-lane of that highway and supposedly this work It would be built when President Danilo Medina reelect in office without analyzing that highway to four lanes in the most effective alternative to accelerate the growth of this traditional tourist resort of Puerto Plata.
Source: Puerto Plata Digital
June 10, 2015

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