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Haitians slow in picking up their residence cards

Some 46,000 foreigners that were issued legal residence permits under the National Foreigner Legalization Plan have not picked up their cards at any of the 13 Ministry of Interior and Police offices nationwide. The permits give the foreigners two years to complete the paperwork to secure the legal residence cards. The Haitian government has yet to issue the essential documents, such as birth certificates or passports, for the Haitians to complete their paperwork, despite the fact that many Haitians have paid the processing fees to the Haitian authorities to acquire these documents.

The Minister of Interior and Police, Jose Ramon (Monchi) Fadul, said that of the cards issued, only 4,000 have been retrieved by the applicants. He called for churches and non-governmental organizations that serve this constituency to encourage the foreigners not to delay in picking up the cards, given that the 45 day grace period next week.

In an editorial today, Diario Libre explains that many Haitians have not picked up their cards because they are being told that the cards are not valid for any transaction, nor can they be used to enter and leave from Haiti. False reports have been circulating saying that the beneficiaries of the residence permits have been scammed. Earlier, Haitians had demanded that the Haitian government return the money paid for the documents. Apparently there was a misunderstanding that they would be issued full residence cards, and not the temporary permits subject to document completion.

Diario Libre says the challenge now is one of communication. “The government needs to counteract this campaign of falsehoods, for the program to function as it was designed. That is the new battlefield: the truth.”

Source; DiarioLibre

July 27, 2015

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