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Haitians flood centers of National Normalization Plan

SANTO DOMINGO. With just seven days until the deadline expires for the registration of foreigners in the National Plan of Normalization, hundreds of Haitians crowded and overflowed yesterday the normalization center located in the Ministry of Interior and Police, and the National District.

The North face of the Juan Pablo Duarte government office building, better known as El Huacal, saw people overflowing into Francia Street on one side and on the sidewalk on the east side on Leopoldo Navarro Avenue. Police units had to intervene on several occasions in order to avoid incidents, due to the uproar caused by individuals who tried to introduce others into the long lines.

At close to 10:30 a.m. an alleged evangelical pastor appeared with a group of Haitians with the intention that they should enter quickly. Those who had been waiting for hours on the sidewalk rebelled against this attempt, which obliged the Police to move the waiting line to the sidewalk across the street, where the foreigners remained surrounded by police agents. The alleged pastor was arrested.

Inside the Huacal, persons interested in normalizing their status had to take their turn; fill out a card; have their picture taken, be fingerprinted and sign a document. Finally, they are dispatched with a case number through which they will carry out the process in order to normalize their immigration status.

A source at the Ministry of Interior and Police confirmed that in the days previous to the expiration of the deadline the offices located in the provinces of the country have also been overflowing with the number of Haitians who have appeared. Last Monday some 700 foreigners presented themselves in the office located in La Romana, where there exists a biometric team and which has the capacity to register some 250 cases each day. The recent demand has caused officials to continue working over the two weekends before the deadline. In addition they have had to expand the workday from 7:00 in the morning to 7:00 at night, although this last information could not be confirmed officially by the ministry.

There are 24 registration offices and three mobile units in the provinces of Valverde, Montecristi and Dajabon. Each one of these offices has a capacity to attend 250 persons a day, while the office in the National District attends over 500. This indicates a capacity throughout the country to register more than 6000 cases per day.

Source: DiarioLibre

June 10, 2015

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