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Haitian government not issuing birth certificates for births in DR

Legislator Vinicio Castillo Seman of the Partido Fuerza Nacional Progresista (FNP) said that thousands of Haitian women have crossed the border to give birth at Dominican public hospitals free of charge, and are now more frequently demanding the Dominican government grant Dominican citizenship to these newborns. “The government has to clearly articulate the children of Haitian mothers who are born in Dominican public hospitals are not Dominican citizens, but Haitians,” he said. He noted that more than 40,000 mothers give birth to Haitian babies in the Dominican Republic each year and that the vast majority of the costs of these services are absorbed by the Dominican government.

Castillo Seman reports that the Haitian consulates are refusing to issue birth certificates in cases where the child of Haitian decent is born in the Dominican Republic. Children born to foreign parents are registered in the Foreigner Civil Registry Book of the hospital and the mothers receive a document indicating the birth took place at the particular hospital. The parents are then instructed to take this document to the consulate of the parents’ nationality for the issuing of the child’s birth certificate.

But, according to Castillo Seman, the registration process at the Haitian consulates is not being completed. “This is serious and dangerous for the Dominican Republic, especially given the current social and political climate,” alerted Castillo, alluding to an editorial of the New York Times that recently demanded that the Dominican Republic recognize that all children born in the Dominican Republic be granted Dominicans citizenship.

Source: DR1, Elcaribe

July 14, 2015

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