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Haiti punishes their ambassador for telling truth

Haiti’s ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Daniel Supplice, was recalled to Port-au-Prince for his failure to “appropriately” defend his country in the midst of the immigration crisis with the Dominican Republic, Spanish news agency EFE reports. Supplice had been named to the position in March 2013, but presented his credentials only just this past April 2015.

The ambassador is expected to be replaced with someone close to President Michel Martelly. Diario Libre reported that counselor minister Magalie Jeanty Magloire, known to have the confidence of Haiti’s first lady, has been left in charge of the Embassy.

The sources in the Haiti’s Foreign Ministry noted that Supplice was dismissed for “not defending his country appropriately”, apparently referring to a series of public statements made by Supplice regarding the immigration crisis that affects the two countries after the end of the registration period for the National Foreigner Legalization Plan (PNRE) implemented by the Dominican government.

Supplice replaced Haitian ambassador Fritz Cineas who had been in the post for eight years, and who stepped down in the midst of criticisms by his compatriots over the slowness with which identification documents were delivered to the immigrants who wanted to normalize their situation taking advantage of the facilities offered in the PNRE.

Supplice in a recent interview with the Haitian newspaper Le Nouvelliste had criticized his own country for the failure of the Program of Identification and Documentation for the Haitian Immigrants (Pidih) in the Dominican Republic. The Pidih was the Haitian agency that was designated to facilitate the registration of Haitians residing in the Dominican Republic into the PNRE.

“If we fail to identify our citizens at home, I do not see how we could have done so abroad,” Supplice had said in an interview with Le Nouvelliste, the Haitian newspaper published on Saturday, 4 July 2015 in Haiti. In Haiti more than half of the population is undocumented.

“We are responsible for what is happening today with our compatriots,” admitted the ambassador at the time.

In July 2014, the government of Haiti launched the Program to Identify Haitian Immigrants (Pidih), to provide thousands of Haitian immigrants in a number of countries (including the Dominican Republic) Haitian passports and other official identification documents so that these individuals could legalize their immigration status in the countries where they resided. However, very few Haitians were able to obtain their basic identity documents through the Pidih.

Although Haiti had set a goal to assist 200,000 Haitian residing in the Dominican Republic through the program, only 52,000 undocumented Haitians living in the Dominican Republic reportedly were enrolled in the PIDIH. The documents were necessary for registration in the PNRE that expired on 17 June 2015. Of those enrolled, only 2,000 people received a passport, while another 15,000 persons were provided with a special national identification card following a last minute agreement between the Haitian and Dominican governments, according to Supplice himself.

As reported in Diario Libre, it is suspected that the funds destined to the Pidih were used instead for political purposes.

Regarding the Haitian government’s stance on the PNRE, a diplomatic source told Diario Libre that the intention of the government of Haiti is to fabricate an humanitarian crisis as an excuse to once again postpone the legislative and presidential elections so that Martelly and his followers can remain in power. Their strategy is to provoke a visceral reaction in Haiti and throughout the international community alleging that a humanitarian crisis in Haiti is imminent due to the alleged mass deportations of Haitians from the Dominican Republic. The Haitian legislative elections are scheduled for 9 August 2015, and the presidential elections for 25 October 2015, with a possible second round set for 27 December 2015.

As reported in El Caribe, Supplice said he would return on Friday to Haiti. He said he did not know if the naming of Magloire at the head of the Haitian Embassy in the Dominican Republic would be definite. He denied a report in Le Nouvelliste that said he had been called to Haiti for “consultations.” He said that the reasons for his dismissal would have to come from the Haitian government.

While Supplice was known as one of the few intellectuals in Haiti to support the candidacy of Michel Martelly, he is well known for his independence and objectivity, as reported in El Dia.

Source: DR1, Elcaribe

July 23, 2015

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