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Fuel should cost half, says financial comparison

Posts doing the rounds on social networks are challenging the government to explain the big difference in the cost of fuel between 2004 and 2015 despite the fact that the price of a barrel of petroleum and the US-DR exchange rate are now the same levels.

Two graphs showing the price of a barrel of petroleum and the US-DR exchange rate for July 2004 and August 2015 are circulating online. The Hydrocarbons Law is supposed to establish the way the government should calculate the price of fuel.

The graphs show that in July 2004, the price per barrel of petroleum was US$42.12 with a dollar/peso exchange rate of US$45.68. The prices of fuel were:

Regular Gasoline: RD$97.80
Premium Gasoline: RD$106.40
Regular Diesel: RD$75.90
Premium Diesel: RD$78.90
Propane Gas: RD$25

Another graph shows that in August 2015 with a barrel of petroleum at US$42.87, and an exchange rate of RD$45.01 the prices of fuel are:

Regular gasoline: RD$173
Premium gasoline: RD$190.60
Regular Diesel: RD$142.40
Premium Diesel: RD$150.00
Propane Gas RD$80.80

Source: DR1

Oct 1, 2015

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