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Fuel consumption is 1.258 billion gallons

SD. According to the numbers revealed by the National Statistical Office (ONE), in 2014 the consumption of petroleum derivatives and fuels in the Dominican Republic was a little more than 1.258 billion gallons, which represents an increase of some 27.8 million gallons, compared to the amount consumed the year before.

In 2014, 33% of the consumption was Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), followed by gasoline and regular diesel, which made up 15% and 12% respectively. These three categories represented 60% of the total fuel consumption, according to the ONE estimate.

Other fuels, such as avtur (aviation fuel), fuel oil, and premium gasoline, each represented 9%, which in relative terms is 27% of total fuel consumption. The remaining 13% is distributed in the consumption of regular diesel (tax-free to transportation companies), premium diesel, and other types of fuels, according to the Yearbook of Economic Statistics of the ONE 2014.

According to the agency, the statistics reflect a negative relation between the consumption and prices: as the prices fell, the population increased the demand for fuel. In addition, it can be seen that in the month of December there was a greater consumption of these fuels, increasing a little more than 7.7 million gallons in relation to the prior months. This increase was due to the Christmas holidays and to the commercial activities, and to the increase of income in the households and in the reduction in the prices of these fuels.

Source: DiarioLibre

April 9, 2015

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