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Freight service to Haiti suspended

As of Monday, 3 August, 2015, the National Dominican Transport Federation (Fenatrado) has suspended service to Haiti due to the Haitian government’s failure to provide security for trucker drivers and their cargo. The truckers claim that they have lost millions of pesos worth of cargo being transported in over 50 trucks that provide a range of goods to Haiti after being attacked in Haiti by gangs. Blas Peralta, president of Fenatrado, accuses Haitian authorities of being complicit in these assaults and robberies.

Peralta said that the strike began at 6am on Monday at the main border crossings to Haiti and would only be lifted when the Haitian government complied with the agreements signed with the Dominican government in which the Haitian authorities had agreed to protect the transport drivers and their cargo.

“To enter Haiti is like entering a jungle, because there is no police, army, navy or any authority to maintain order there,” stated Peralta.

As a signal of their displeasure with the cargo transport situation at the border, the Fenatrado truckers have blocked Haitian trucks from the entering the Dominican Republic.

Everyday, more than 100 trucks affiliated with Fenatrado enter Haiti through Jimani and Dajabon with loads of cement, rebar, medicine, wood, food and raw materials for the trade free zone industries.

Peralta said that last Thursday, 30 July, around 60 drivers were threatened or attacked and many of the trucks had their windshield broken and their tires cut or burned. The gangs then systematically looted the disabled trucks, removing tens of thousands of pesos worth of goods.

Peralta said that this latest disturbance at the Dominican-Haitian border was sparked by the case of a Haitian citizen who had been slayed by one of his compatriots, but whose death was falsely attributed to a Dominican. In the ensuing violence, five truck drivers have had to be hospitalized in Barahona.

Source: DR1, Listindiario

August 4, 2015

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