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Fat police are not able to do the job

SANTO DOMINGO. Hundreds of members of the National Police are obese, which practically inhibits them from pursuing criminals on the streets, where criminal activity is ever more common, such as the case of Greater Santo Domingo, Santiago and San Cristobal and other provinces.

Some persons consulted by Diario Libre, recommended to the chief of Police retrain those agents, submitting them to a series of exercises and diets so that they lose weight and get into shape to pursue criminals.

In 2011, the then chief of Police, José Armando Polanco Gomez, ordered that overweight policeman had to exercise in the Training School in San Jose de Las Matas.

“We are ending up without policeman capable of pursuing criminals; you walk down the streets and you see big-bellied policeman who can barely walk,” said Doña Rosa Del Rosario, a resident in Ensanche Naco.

On the other hand, according to lawyer Leonardo Contreras, the overweight policemen should stay at headquarters doing administrator of labor and not patrolling.

Contreras has an office on the Nicolas de Ovando Avenue and he tells how he sees the policeman eating “fried food, spaghetti with bread and other food which all it does is make them fat.”

In Bolivia, President Evo Morales has made several suggestions for the overweight police; one of them is that they do not get promoted and the other is that they cannot wear the uniform.

“Police work is for agile and in-shape men and women and I believe that with this problem of crime which we are currently experincing, it is necessary for the chief of the Police to order or oblige these agents to once again get back into shape like before,” said Rogelio Almonte, a resident of Piantini. Among the overweight policeman are several generals, noncommissioned officers and many enlisted men, who in the opinion of several persons, should be retrained in order that they can do the job of preventing and pursuing criminals on the streets.

Source: DiarioLibre

June 30, 2015

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