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Experts are positive that entry of Abinader changes political picture

SANTO DOMINGO. The entry of Luis Abinader, as the presidential candidate for the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), resets the Dominican political picture, since, according to experts, he is a figure who has possibilities of bringing together the opposition forces and awakening new followers.

The panorama, according to sociologist Cesar Cuello, will force the government’s Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) to accelerate and redefine its internal situation, because it will not be the same to compete with a candidate who is not contaminated by corruption.

“The victory by Abinader introduces a novel element with regard to the coming elections, because while they thought that Hipolito (Mejia) would be the candidate, everyone thought that it was going to be easier, but with the entry of Abinader, it is very possible that they reunify (the opposition)and bring together forces that perhaps would not have entered to form partnerships with Hipolito,” he said.

In his judgment, the candidacy is going to have repercussions in the area of the official field, and it will make the scenario more difficult for the PLD, even with President Danilo Medina as the candidate, because he will be carrying people who have been sullied by corruption.

The political scientist Henry Blanco Castillo also shares the theory that the PRM candidate will give a change to the panorama given the fresh figure of Abinader. “His first trial by fire will be to achieve a consensus with the opposition given the efforts to modify the Constitution of the Republic in order to place it at the service of a political leader,” he indicated.

He said that this would imply achieving agreements at the congressional and municipal level, so that they can present unified candidates.

For the political scientist Freddy Angel Castro all the conditions are there to reunify the opposition forces, given the recent the victory of Abinader over Mejia, which he feels makes him the leader of the political opposition.

“Many candidacies by presidential hopefuls who are proclaimed should enter a process of reflection with regard to the organization of a single pole which could deal with the PLD,” he stated.

He said he did not believe that the PLD will redefine its situation because of the results of the convention.

The candidates

The opposition is completing its ballots. The principal organizations have already defined their presidential candidates, and they are just waiting for the government’s PLD candidate, where the party is going through a difficult internal situation.

In the case of the PRD, their candidate is Miguel Vargas; the PR SC will present Federico Antun Batlle, and the PRM decided in their convention to nominate Luis Abinader.

Source: DiarioLibre

April 28, 2015

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