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ENT specialists and ecologist reject special noise zones

The Dominican Society of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) and the Environmental Commission of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo called the suggestion made to Congress by merchants of entertainment centers and those that sell and install sound equipment that seeks to create zones of tolerance to loud music “absurd”. Last Monday, 6 July 2015, a group of these merchants marched to the National Congress calling for the legislators to establish certain areas of tolerance for loud music. This pressure comes at a time while the Medina administration, through the 911 Emergency System is fighting noise in different sectors of Greater Santo Domingo. According to the website¬†, William Aude, the president of the ENTs, who are specialists in treating hearing problems, and DE ecologist Luis Carvajal of the Environmental Commission of the UASD, what should happen is that the country should strengthen the compliance with the regulations which prohibit sonic contamination.

Among Aude’s remarks are that loud music damages hearing and noise causes problems such as irritability and cardiovascular problems. He added that there should be no tolerance zones. He said there are laws here that need to be enforced and if there is a law which impedes the noise, it must be obeyed in a state with institutions that are worthy of our respect.”

Aude said that nose 40 to 50dB will damage the human ears of those who are exposed to this noise in a permanent manner. He noted “it is not just the decibels but also the length of time one is exposed to this level of noise.”

Source: DR1

July 9, 2015

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