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Elderly who wander the streets of the country to be rescued

SANTO DOMINGO. The National Council for the Elderly (CONAPE) reported yesterday that within two weeks they will begin operations all over the country in order to rescue the elderly that wander around the streets and relocate them into more than 500 specialized centers where they can live with dignity.

Nathalie Maria, the director of the Council, said that she is coordinating with the Ministry of Public Health all of the work in order to begin the operation and protect the elderly who are walking around the streets in conditions of vulnerability.

During a press conference together with the other members of the board of directors of the entity, the official indicated that in his speech of accountability last 27 February, President Danilo Medina said that the manner in which a society treats its elderly, reflects on its values.

As she offered a report in what has been done until now in order to comply with the mandate of the President, Natalie Maria said that together with the Minister of Public Health, Altagracia Guzman Marcellino, they designed a plan to centralize all the programs concerning the issue of the elderly in the CONAPE, which functions as the responsible agency.

“We held a meeting, and we formed an inter-institutional commission of Public Health and the CONAPE, carrying out a diagnosis at the national level of all the centers. Now this commission has advanced to the national level, we know what the situation is of each center, including the nursing homes that are run by the nuns,” she said.

The Plan comprehends the programs that Public Health is developing, including the different nursing homes for the elderly. In order to execute the rescue plan they have identified and prepared more than 500 centers all over the country that are at the service of the elderly.

She stressed, in addition, the donation by the government of Taiwan of $1 million, some 44 million pesos, in order to be used in the “Centers of the Knowledge” which are spaces for the comprehensive development for the elderly which in principle will function in Boca de Cochon and Juan Bosch City.


According to statistical studies by the National Council of the Elderly, there are around 1.3 million elderly. They estimate that about 1% of this number wander the streets of the capital and the provinces in conditions of vulnerability.

Many are persons with mental illness, but others are in the street because they have been abandoned by their families.

The authorities have expressed that they want to change this reality by respecting the rights of each elderly adults.

Source: DiarioLibre

June 3, 2015

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